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Global Gates

Reaching the Ends of the Earth Through Global Gateway Cities

The Ends of the Earth…the great challenge at the end of the Great Commission. For two thousand years, The Ends of the Earth have waited for the hope of salvation in Jesus Christ. Today, God has brought The Ends of the Earth to us. North America’s megacities are now home to many unreached people groups from around the world. Through these unreached urban communities, God has opened a gateway that reaches to The Ends of the Earth.

Edward_Judson“Indeed, I am often thrilled by the thought that the long, healing shadow of my father’s life touches City Missions and falls upon the foreigners that come in such vast throngs from the ends of the earth to settle in our great cities. We used to think of them as a menace, but have learned to regard them as an opportunity. It would seem as if our heavenly Father, perceiving that we Christians of America were so vitally interested in foreign races as to send our best men and women to them with the gospel, paying their traveling expenses and maintenance, deemed it wise to put in the hearts of the heathen to come from all parts of the world to our shores, paying their own expenses.”

Edward Judson, New York City pastor and son of pioneer missionary Adoniram Judson, quoted from a 1914 address on missions